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Friends & Collaborators
Over the years, we’ve made friends and collaborated with all kinds of people in many locations. Do you see anybody you know?
Sonja & Olaf Bernstengel Guy and Sue Drollinger Floyd Pearce at press
Marie Thompson Lauren Haldeman Deanne Wortman & Tom Nothnagle
Todd Leach Amy & Jeff White Amy Kolen
Brenda Taylor Buffy Quintero & Ben Lewis Chef Mickey w. Christie Vilsack
Christine Ingaldson Clare Palmer Detlef Kaminsky
Drabbletails Fancy Duffy DeFrance John Jenks
Ginge Miehe Halley Gilmore Isabel Malsch
Jean Newkirk Jim Gilmore Karel Cline
Lee Iben & TJ Lenny Suib Leo women
Macy Matarazzo with TJ & Monica Lunch with Christie Vilsack

Mallory Smith & TJ