Favorite Shows
A Light Draw Monkeys and Owls The Fisherman and his Wife
1. A LIGHT DRAW, by Dave Morice, whom some people will remember as Dr. Alphabet. This philosophical discussion among the puppets about the nature of life and god puppet was written for Schulz, Bartholomew Eruditus Pontificus, and Sam in 1976. It remains in the repertoire. 2. MONKEYS AND OWLS, 1975-89. We performed this Till Eulenspiegel tale so often it haunted our dreams. 3. THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE, 1975-present. Although this version of the story only existed till about 1987, it has reappeared as a shadow puppet show performed by school children and, currently, as a hand puppet story in WORLD TALES.
The Affair of the Trunk Punch and Judy at Lincoln Center The Brementown Musicians
4. THE AFFAIR OF THE TRUNK, 1977-78 & 1990 First created with Marilyn Levin, this show was restaged with musician J Knight. 5. PUNCH AND JUDY, 1981-1990 In 1980, we went to an international puppetry festival in Washington, DC. We were so inspired by the traditional Punch and Judy shows, we decided to create one of our own. In 1983, we performed it at Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors in New York City. Being from Iowa was considered exotic in the big city. 6. THE BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS, 1982-89 and 1992-96. This favorite story was first performed with a human sized donkey. It reappeared as a tabletop show with music by Sven Hansell.
The Cat, the Ram, and the Wolves (photo by Michael Kreiser) Three Golden Hairs (photo by Michael Kreiser) Lion In The Well
7. THE CAT, THE RAM, AND THE WOLVES, 1985-present. We developed this tiny show as a reward to ourselves. We never dreamed it would become our hit single. In 1987, we were invited to perform it at national puppetry festivals in the US and the German Democratic Republic (the only western troupe invited). 8. THREE GOLDEN HAIRS, 1985-94 & 1999-2003. In its first run, this show featured a devil in the villain part. As it became increasingly difficult to book, we recast the devil as a dragon. 9. THE LION IN THE WELL 1989-1995 This African-American story starred Miss Bun, who was so disappointed when we laid it to rest that we gave her a part in out Puppet Potpourri.
The Snow Queen Eulenspiegel's Circus What Father Does is Always Right (photo by Scott Norris)
10. THE SNOW QUEEN 1990-1994 Our first real collaboration with musician Guy Drollinger, this show featured his evocative hammer dulcimer. 11. EULENSPIEGEL’S CIRCUS 1991-92 & current. We created this show with our first intern, Macy Matarrazzo. It comes back out of the basement this season! 12. WHAT FATHER DOES IS ALWAYS RIGHT, 1992-1997 We first performed this show with Rip Russell before it went on the road as a duo show.
Elves and the Shoemaker (photo by Scott Norris) Hansel and Goosel Tails From Africa (photo by Scott Norris)
13. THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER, 1992-1996 Performed with a musical score composed by Sven Hansell, this show will emerge from the basement again! 14. HANSEL AND GOOSEL. 1993-95 & 2001-present A story about goslings lost in the woods and terrorized by a fox, this play was written for us by playwright Rebecca Gilman. 15. TAILS FROM AFRICA, 1994-present. This show’s been to Germany and all over the US. This is the one that currently haunts our dreams.
Great Rabbit Trickster Jack (photo by Scott Norris) Sal Fink, the Mississippi Screamer
16. THE ADVENTURES OF GREAT RABBIT, 1994-present. Another show with Guy Drollinger, this one’s been to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. 17. TRICKSTER JACK, 1995. A tabletop show with tiny rod marionettes, we performed this one with Guy as well. 18. SAL FINK, THE MISSISSIPPI SCREAMER, 1996 & 1999-2003 A fun show with live music by Guy Drollinger and Ron Hillis. Too bad it threw Teri Jean’s back out!
Till Eulenspiegel Tales Little Red Riding Hood (photo by Michael Kreiser) A Soldier's Tale
19. TILL EULENSPIEGEL TALES, 1997-1999. Written by Rebecca Gilman and directed by revered senior puppeteer George Latshaw from Ohio, this is another one that will come back. 20. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, 1998-present. Monica’s solo show, a tiny marionette show with a pop-up stage. She worked on the prototypes while taking care of her dying mother. 21. A SOLDIER’S TALE, 1999-present. Directed by and performed with Michael Sokoloff, this was the first show since 1929 performed on the stage in West Liberty’s 1910 vintage opera house (also known as the New Strand Theatre).
Driving the Body Back(photo by Michael Kreiser) World Tales (photo by Michael Kreiser) Freedom Star (photo by Michael Kreiser)
22. DRIVING THE BODY BACK, 2000-present Teri Jean’s solo show, the text to this inventive, moving piece comes from three poems by Mary Swander. 23. WORLD TALES (also Li Chi photo) Another clever rabbit outsmarting a hungry cat, another fisherman catching a magic fish, and a female dragon slayer: some of our favorite themes! 24. FREEDOM STAR: Gertie’s Journey on the Underground Railroad
our first venture into historical fiction, this one showcases Ron Hillis’s songwriting talents. It’s also the first time we’ve seen audience members in tears.
Li Chi Slays the Serpent jpg